High Heels – Stilettos

Burlesco - Stilettos - High Heels

By Stage 81 – Escola de Dança

High Heels – Stilettos

High Heels - Stilettos (Burlesque)

 Burlesque - Stilettos

The dance class that combines hip hop and jazz teaches light and subtle movements with hands, feet, shoulders and hips and hair flicks, as well as sensual and striking looks. This class develops the feminine essence, experiences characters, increases the woman’s self-esteem and security.

When and how it came about:

Burlesque – Stilettos – High Heels

It emerged at the Broadway Dance Center, in New York, from the need to learn to dance in high heels, for presentations in clips, concerts and commercials.

 “Professional dancers, who perform concerts and performances, work in high heels due to the influence of fashion, which has always been very much part of women’s lives. This style of dance emerged from the need to dance with high heels.
Day:  Wednesday
Hours: 20:15 – 21:15


Regular Classes – Beginner Level

Individual and private lessons available, as well as an experimental class without obligation.